3 Ways To Incorporate SEO Into Your Custom Web Design

We do a lot of custom web design in Omaha and one thing we notice is a lot of people tend to overlook the importance of incorporating SEO into their design.

Good SEO has always started from the ground up. If you don’t have an optimal overall website fitness, you’ll find it much harder to achieve a first page rank with top search engines and maintain it.

Following are 3 way to incorporate SEO into your custom web design.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

When you have your website custom built, you want to make sure that all of your pages are both visible and viable on a broad range of devices. Although laptops and traditional computers are still being used by companies and consumers, the majority of web searches are currently being conducted via smartphones and laptops.

Professional web designers can make sure that your pages are properly loaded for optimal accessibility. They can also determine which page elements will have the greatest, immediate impact on viewers so that bounce rates are minimized.

A higher than average bounce rate will make it impossible to optimize your site. Your bounce rate is the rate at which people are visiting your pages and bouncing directly back to search results.

With all of the most relevant information in a visible area and pages that are quick to load on any device, people will get more value from your site and are likely to stay there a lot longer.

Honor The New Fold

Your site design should also honor the new fold. In newspaper publishing, the fold represents the cut-off point for the top half of the publication or the part that most people are likely to view.

On websites, the fold was formerly considered the cutoff for all content that was immediately visible on a traditional computer screen. Now that web users have transitioned to smaller, hand-held devices, however, this space is far more limited.

The top web designers will strategically place the most vital information in areas that users are likely to see irrespective of the devices they’re using, thereby honoring the new virtual fold. They will also select the best background and font colors as well as the right font sizes for ensuring that this important content is easy to read.

Choose The Right URL And File Names

Naming things correctly is a great way to infuse the web design process with SEO strategies that will continue to work for you throughout the years. In fact, these efforts are essential for building a solid foundation for all future SEO campaigns.

The best file names will have targeted search terms within them that clearly describe the items or information being offered. In short, name images and other files with descriptive words that leave no room for misinterpretation. Your URLs should be transparent and easy to understand as well.

Making your website optimized for the search engines is the first step in getting traffic to your website once it goes live.

We provide custom web design with SEO in mind. Contact us to discuss our website design and SEO solutions.

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