Hookah Stop

A mobile application for globally available shisha flavors that allows user to rate, review, and save favorites for later.

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Amazon style reviews for shisha. Easily browse new and established brands of shisha. Add items to wish lists and get an overall impression for what a flavor brings with individual scores for buzz, clouds and flavor. See what others say about items in one simple screen before you purchase. Brought to you by Hookah 402 at Hookah 402.com.


  • Supports over 25 brands and 1,300 shisha flavors.

  • Honest community driven reviews.

  • Create a customized profile to save favorites and a wish list.

  • There are plans to expand to allow users to create shisha flavor mixes and gather feedback from the community.


A mobile application to help high school trap shooting teams manage shooters and their practice and competition scores.

Headline About App

Trapp is a mobile application that is currently in development for IOS and Android. It allows high school teams to manage their shooters, squads, and score cards digitally.Teams can input their shooters into a team profile and organize them into squads. It replaces the need to keep a binder full of paper score cards by allowing you to score and view score cards on the mobile device. Trapp is unique because it provides a semi-automated way to score trap shooting practices and competitions. The data is all saved on the device and in the cloud so it will never get lost. Trapp will even calculate crucial team statistics to improve the teams performance and efficiency.


  • Automatically score and view shoots on your device.

  • All data is backed up to the cloud to allow users to analyze team historical data.

  • Manage shooters contact info and team squads configuration.

  • Send stats and score sheets via email directly from the app to the appropriate parties.


Anthony Piccolo’s mobile venue

Congratulations! You've found Anthony Piccolos Mobile Venue App! With a touch of a finger you can, now, find our food truck location, browse our menu, place your order and pay for your food! In addition, you can also keep up to date on new promotions and specials. Just click the button and we're in business!



We are currently in the process of a rebrand, The studio will be releasing the new Brand soon into Chicago and L.A market