3 Ways Custom Websites Are Better Than Website Builders

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The internet has opened a whole new world of opportunities for businesses that were unimaginable in the era of traditional media.

Today, it is a vibrant medium for controlling transactions between companies and customers in the virtual marketplace. Window shopping is now done through a website.

As the internet has emerged, it has witnessed a sharp growth in the number of websites populating the web. Every business regardless of its size today aims at harnessing internet’s full potential through a website.

There are many options for developing and designing a business website.

Businesses can create website either using website building tools, or hire a professional web designers to create a custom website.

Most newcomers to website development are often tempted to use the website builders that are offered by web host.

If you are deciding whether a custom built website is the best option or if using a website builder is the way to go, read on.

Here are 3 ways a custom website is better than using a website builder.

Unique Website Identity

There are too many websites that are carbon copies of each other, either being developed off of templates or through simple designs that can be put together by just about anyone.

We all know that unique website is worth their weight in gold. Business owners want their customers and other visitors to remember their website.

To achieve that, they need to make their website stand out from the competition.

A custom designed website presents uniqueness that won’t frustrate or confuse your visitors. Because no one will have the same website design as you have, your brand will stand out from the crowd.

Functionality & Usability

Designing a website is more than just creating a visually appealing website. There are far more crucial aspects to web design, like usability, functionality and search engine friendliness.

A custom website enables you to develop not only the appealing aspects of the template, but also the functionality of the site and how it relates to your specific company needs and target audience.

Careful consideration is given to your visitors’ user experience, navigation, color scheme, visual graphics, design, and website speed.

High SERP Rankings

SEO is a crucial component of every website because it is the cheapest way to bring in potential customers that your business needs. If you dig deeper into the science of search engine optimization, you will surely realize that it is an effective and proficient tool that brings better results if implemented appropriately.

Custom websites are built to attain high rankings and become noticeable to the wider audience online. Custom built websites designers will construct your website using specific SEO methodologies which will boost ranking and increase your pace over your competitors

When deciding if a custom built website is the way to go or if using a website builder is the best choice, bear in mind that you need your business website to be appealing, functional, SEO friendly and stand out from your competition.

While custom websites may cost a little more to launch, they offer long term benefits.

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