6 Reasons Businesses Need A Mobile Responsive Website Design

According to research, one of the secrets to long-term success and competitive advantage is having an effective mobile platform for your website.

Nearly every mobile user today has a smart phone. This means that given the fact that these devices have internet capability; most of the users prefer to browse the internet using their phones.

This in turn has a gone a long way to affect businesses that do not have a mobile responsive web design. They tend to lock out their market and reduce their potential customers to only those who use standalone desktops.

However, businesses who design their website layout to be able to adapt to the device it is being displayed on have a number advantages over those who do not.

Here are 6 reasons why your business needs a mobile responsive website.

User Experience

One of the main benefits of a responsive site is the fact that it automatically scales the layout of the screen size of the device you are using. This in turn provides an optimal experience to the user who finds it easy and fun to use.

Once a site is mobile responsive, you can easily access the contents of the site and at the same time create immersive interactive customer experiences.

Increases Website Traffic

When a website is mobile responsive, is technically sound, and provides a better user experience, it in turn increases mobile traffic volume, conversions and other key metrics that equate to increased revenue.

However if the site does not have a mobile framework, it offers a poor user experience, it directly affects the mobile traffic volume, return visits, page views and time the user spends on the site.

This can equate to decreased revenue.

Faster Website Load Speed

There is nothing as important as speed when it comes to web browsing. A normal website that is not mobile-friendly is likely to load slowly for a mobile device, or worst case scenario it will not load at all.

However, a mobile responsive site will load very fast since the code used to design the site is structured in a way that is compatible with any mobile devices.

A study on mobile users showed most mobile users will quickly abandon a site taking too long to load as compared to that which loads fast, and they will try as much as possible to avoid such sites which are slow.

Improved Website SEO

This is one of the ways of attracting customers who often use their mobile devices to browse the internet.

It is important to remember that Google basically dictates SEO, and according to them, we should build websites that cater to users on mobile devices.

An to compete in the search engines for customer traffic, it is important to listen to Google!

Competitive Advantage

As mentioned, having a mobile responsive site is going to improve your SEO and in turn increase your ranking on Google mobile search. Similarly, this is going to rank you high as compared to your competitors.

There are still a number of industries that are yet to adopt a mobile responsive website and some of these might be your competitors. It is very important you look at the kind of website your competitors are using and this will give you a rough idea of the landscape where your company falls.

Cost Effective

It is much more economically feasible to design one website that is mobile responsive than having both a desktop and mobile version separately.

It is also much easier to maintain, update, and customize your website when it is already setup to show correctly on mobile devices.

Go Mobile

With the current growing number of smart phones being used everyday, it is important you make sure your website is optimized for every user.

Doing this will ensure your business benefits from an improved user experience,  increased customer traffic, and  ultimately more business.

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